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PC Equalizer Pro

Enjoy an exceptional sound enhancement.
Customize your computer's audio output.
Modern, intuitive & user-friendly interface.
Easy access to all "Equalizer APO" features.
Take control of channels, echoes, and more.
Compatible with any device and software.
Supports popular Windows versions.
Purchase now at the affordable price of $20 and receive a lifetime license for three PCs.
Version (Portable)



•  10 or 20 band equalizer for precise audio control.
•  Utilize the fixed standard equalizer, supporting all channels.
•  Controls for Stereo, Mono, Swap, Invert & Balance.
•  Pan\Expand feature to expand or contract the stereo.
•  Create a wide range of echoes, delay, and reverb with the
  Multi-Delays feature, supporting up to 16 taps (echoes).
Access built-in presets and save or delete user presets.
•  Assign presets to specific programs like Winamp, Windows
  Media Player, PotPlayer, and more. Receive tray
  notifications upon preset changes.
Automatically view and control any saved presets while
  adjusting the equalizer.
•  Set the option to launch on startup, minimizing to the
  System Tray for convenient access.


PC Equalizer enables users to adjust audio bands faster, present built-in presets and allow users to create their preferable presets.
The Bandwidth in Octaves, Bandwidth refers to how much of the frequency range around a center frequency is altered when a peaking or cutting equalizer is used.
The higher the peak, the higher the signal level (amplitude); as you move away from the peak of the bell (center frequency), you can see that other frequencies around it are also boosted


Multi Delays

Multi-Delays are bundle of sliders used to generate echos or delays, in this feature many Effects can be created like Robot, Reverse, wide stereo and many others.
You can adjust their number of taps (echos), intensity, damping, panning, preamp level, decay and delay, you can handle up to 16 taps (echoes).



In processing mode, you can take control of various aspects. For instance, you can change and balance channels.
There are some effects available, including inverting, swapping, panning and expanding.
Processing mode can be activated to control the channel source, stereo or mono (Left or Right or Mixed).
Moreover, you can contract or expand the stereo image of a stereo recording, from dead center (mono), to completely panned wide (no center channel).
For realistic effects, you should not venture too far from Normal.



Assign presets to specific applications. PC Equalizer can monitor currently running applications, which means that the program can detect which audio player is active and automatically load the specified preset.
Presets can be assigned to Winamp, Windows Media Player or something else. It notifies you in the systray every time a preset gets changed for a certain program.


How to Install PC Equalizer Pro with "Equalizer APO"

Release Notes

  What's new in version
More stable version.
The echo effect has undergone significant enhancements
  resulting in a superior and noise-free echo sound.
Fixed several bugs.
  What's new in version
The new version is available as a Portable, and include the
  "Equalizer APO" setup.
No security vendors flagged this version as malicious.
Minimize button has been removed, "Close" button minimizes
  the application, and the application is closed by right clicking
  on the PC.
Equalizer icon placed on the system tray.
"Launch PC Equalizer on startup" now working fine on the
  latest version of windows.
Fixed several bugs.
  What's new in version
Fewer security service vendors are flagging the new version
  as malicious.
Fixed several bugs including "Launch PC Equalizer on startup".
  What's new in version
Fixed an issue where the file was labeled with a false positive.
The "Setup File" was getting a virus alert, NOT the "PC
  Equalizer Files", so a different setup creator was used to
  create a new file.
  What's new in version
Fix several bugs.
  What's new in version
Fix several bugs.
New modern dark theme.
New control box actions.


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